Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Just All So Ridiculous!

Happy Monday!

It's still Monday even if almost 10 PM EST! I'm late today because I was trying something new, I digitally recorded my Monday Motivator and after numerous takes and retakes, here I sit penning the darn thing! Laughing! This is especially funny because I truly do want to do some digital recordings for my Intentional Winning series. I've written some killer speeches and have grand visions of what great pieces they will be for people everywhere to enjoy, wake-up, and feel inspired to get back to creating their lives! Can you feel it? I'm pumped up! Well, take one, take two, take fourteen, take fifty-two...holy cow, can't I find one I like? Laughing! The information I write in my Monday Motivator seemed absolutely ridiculous when I recorded it. So tell me, why do you guys like getting it? What is it that has you e-mailing me when you don't get it? Do tell!

So here I am, writing to you to share what we did this weekend and what's on the agenda for the coming weeks, but it all seems so much so that I'm having difficulty spelling it all out. In more than ten years, I've never thought of the Monday Motivator as...what? Unnecessary. Yeah, it's that, but more what I am feeling is that it's silly...why do you care what I/we did and are planning to do? Am I experiencing an awakening? Could it be that I've grown enough that I can now see how ridiculous it is, how self-absorbed it is to think you really care what I do every week, all year, for more than ten years? (as I toss my head back with hysterical mad-scientist like laughter!)

I really do think this is funny. Bear with me for another few years and maybe you'll learn I died in the original Oceanic flight 815 crash and you've had to live in purgatory with me for the last decade while I find my way to admit I'm really not all that interesting and I can finally close my one eye! For those of you who think I've really lost it, I have, that was the general synopsis for the finale of LOST, the television program.

For a motivator, take this: Feel free to be who you really are, even it it means asking why people love you, choose you as a friend, or do business with you. In essence, I believe that is what I've just asked from all of you. No matter what I get back, I know who each one of you on my list are and I adore each and every one of you! Big kiss!

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