Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ebb And Flow Of Life!

Thank goodness it is a new week! The last few have been grueling and I'm full of hope that it's getting better from here.Don't get me wrong, there has been plenty of fun in the last few weeks, but you can only have so much fun when everything is falling apart around you, I mean literally falling apart! Since it is a new week, I'm not giving power to all the crap and I'm going to focus on that which gives hope for a turn of the tides.

I bit the bullet yesterday and purchased a new laptop. I bought a Dell and so far there is only one little hiccup. Yep, less than 24 hours and there is something not quite right...but that is par for course. I bought a pedometer yesterday, too and it doesn't work. Tell me again why I bought anything in a major "ebb" cycle? Oh yeah, because I can't work without a computer! Not to worry, I am not letting these two little issues squash my hope for the "flow" cycle that I am intending for today, this week, this month!

Back to the intentional turn-around, I was able to access all of my pictures from Julianne's visit and boy did we have a good time! I promised last week that I would post those as soon as I could and I am going to do it today. I also will be reaching out to many of you about some of my plans to help people figure if loan modification is the right thing for them to do and know you will want to help if you can!

Today, I want to leave you with is not some tragedy that things go wrong, it is merely life. If we didn't have the crap, it would be impossible to appreciate the wonder. We all have so much to be grateful for even if the car needs new tires (air in twice each day), the bed needs repair, the insurance isn't covering the new computer, and we are having to fight to keep the government from attaching Dave's wages for a bill we already paid! Yes, we have the proof, but they say they can't stop the process. Really? Next time I'm finding all is going well, I will know how I know! Big smiles and Happy Monday!

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