Monday, April 9, 2012


It's Monday and the last day of spring break. I'm wondering if I jinxed myself with my post last week about so many things breaking...yet again, the water pump in the Durango needs replacing so we are back to juggling a single car. We are in that precarious situation of having to evaluate how much it is costing to continually repair a gas hog versus getting something newer (car payment) or something used that may need ongoing repairs as well. Big sigh.

Thursday and Friday I was in Santa Cruz with Mason and his cousins TJ and Dante. The kids had a great time at the beach boardwalk and I got to photograph the three of them with some amazing graffiti art. I'm still working on getting comfortable with my camera out of "automatic" mode and though I'm not there yet, I'm getting closer. I see many more hours of picture taking practice in my future!

Our Easter was blissfully uneventful except that Dave made an amazing dinner. He grilled a rack of pork, steamed some asparagus and made a delicious baked cheesy potatoes dish. Now it's time to figure out what to do with broken cars and back to school. Oh, and that reminds me, the philosophy exam I took just before spring break, I failed it! Yep, when I said I felt like I could not remember a thing, I was right. The only bright side to failing an exam is getting a score of 52, and again, that's only a bright side if you're me and the number 52 tickles you like it does me. The "F," not so much. I'll have to see what's available for the next 6 weeks to redeem myself and pull this grade out of the gutter.

Have a great week!!

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