Monday, April 30, 2012

When is "Some Day?"

Friday night - What a night - one of those moments in life when you realize things change in an instant. I asked Dave to turn the light off to go to sleep and he was not all there (I can usually tell when he is simply ignoring me), couldn't make words, not stable to the ER. A mini stroke or what is known as TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). When a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked for a short period of time, the blood flow to that area of the brain slows or stops. This lack of blood (and oxygen) often leads to temporary symptoms such as slurred speech or blurry vision. Time to get even more serious about what we eat and moving more.

Ultimately, the doctor was confident that it was not a stroke but a reaction to a medication. I hope he is right but the fact remains, the very nature of TIA is that it can come and go completely undetected. Dave was better within an hour of the symptoms and it was like nothing ever happened the next day. We stayed on schedule and went to the Auburn Stampede and then the rodeo dance on Saturday night. Sunday was relaxing and we were finally able to relax and catch up on our sleep.

I guess the message here is get to living those dreams! We spend all of our time making plans and talking about "some day" and then everything changes when it's time to turn the lights out to go to sleep. Some day is today!

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Tania said...

OMG how scary- my heart dropped when I started reading!
I'm happy everything turned out okay but it can't help but play in the back of your mind once something like this happens.

both of you~ take care
and the best health wishes from us!xx