Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

It's just another Manic Monday...on Tuesday! You all know us Partaks are a busy bunch, but this last week/weekend has been busier than usual. Mason and I have continued to work on the school kitchen project and we have a Community Luncheon coming up this Friday. The school district decided it might be a good idea to invite the community to come to the school, see the kitchen, learn about the plans, and meet the kids who want healthier lunches and to learn to cook. It is also to celebrate Mason's accomplishment of raising nearly $18,000 (of his $25,000 goal) and to share with the community how they can help - in ways other than just financial donations. Mason asked for donations from Dingus McGees, Bootleggers, Chef Gary Gilligan, and Max's Cafe. Jennifer Taggard also offered to donate some food for lunch. It is going to be a lovely luncheon, I'll be sure to take pictures and share next week.

Mason and Dave went to a game convention over the weekend and they both had a great time. I stayed home and spent some much needed time at the river but it wasn't all fun and games for me, I did lots of work, too. On Monday, I showed 8 properties and will hopefully be writing an offer tomorrow. 

Finally, over the last 3 months Mason has been in the audition process for a kids cooking competition and we learned last week that he has been selected as an alternate. We were all a little bummed but Mason took it in stride. He wrote a thank you note to the producer we worked most closely with and asked her to keep him in mind for any other kid-cook kind of projects. She said, "Absolutely!" and even encouraged him to be ready to audition next season. It was a good experience and certainly a real-life lesson in show biz and auditions - there are typically more rejections than there are jobs booked. The good news is that The Food Network Magazine will be featuring Mason's story about trying to raise money for his school kitchen in their September issue (comes out in August), so keep your eyes open for that. Right now, it's time to gear up for the fairs where Mason will be cooking and of course, some fun plans for summer vacation - lots of time at the river!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and if you did, thank a veteran! 

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