Monday, May 4, 2015

Auburn Spring Home Show

We survived the Auburn Spring Home Show! Yes, it was the first cooking demos of the year and Mason and I each cooked both days, and I'm happy to say, Mason stepped up and did much of his own prep and even cleaned up the cooking stage. He must be growing up, if only just a little bit. Mason made Wonuts (a combination of a waffle and a donut) and I made a breakfast trifle (layered eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, potatoes, and onions with peppers). Yeah, not low cal but so delicious! One of my favorite things this weekend was when Gary got Mason on stage with a plate of chocolate covered Wonuts right in his face! The only downside is that I had already turned the camera off. Darn it!! But luckily, one of our friends did get a photo. 

Mason's Strawberry Rose
Not only did we have lots of prep with the home show, we also had a wedding in Sacramento on Friday night, Mason did a bonus demo making strawberry roses, we had a cinch de Mayo party in Orangevale, and I checked out equipment to record cooking demos and interviews for a documentary I'm producing for my video classes. Yes, I'm tired but I feel like I've lived this weekend to the fullest.

Did I mention that I was tired? I was standing at the kitchen sink after putting away all the food and tools from the cooking demos, I did the dishes and was cleaning organic strawberries and I fell asleep! OMG, seriously, my eyes closed and I wobbled on my feet. As I started to lose my balance, I woke up and immediately started laughing wondering if anyone saw me. This must be what it's like for babies who fall asleep while eating, playing or potty training. Still chuckling to myself as I think about it.

Oh the glamour of it all!
Now I have school, work and a final this week, in addition to getting Mason ready to do 4 cooking demos this weekend at BerryFest in Roseville. Have an awesome week and don't forget, next Sunday is Mother's Day so get that card in the mail! :)

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