Monday, April 11, 2016

Curly Food

You all know us Partaks like to play with our food, but the spiralizer has taken that concept to new heights. We are having so much fun making our food curly that Mason is including the spiralizer in all his cooking demos this year. Oh, what's a spiralizer? you ask. It's a kitchen tool that makes zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, yams, apples, pears and the like into noodles! Some people call them veggie noodles, or because zucchini is a popular vegetable to spiralize, Zoodles!

I don't know what it is, but making zucchini and squash into noodles really does make them taste better. Don't get me wrong, I liked them before, but I am eating way more now that they are curly and fun. I spiralize several at once and store them in a Gladware container in the fridge. It's good because then I can add them to my salad, have them ready if toss a quick stir fry and you can even add them to top ramen or soup you've made. The picture here is of zucchini and yellow squash zoodles with a chicken stir fry over the top. I don't cook my zoodles as whatever it is I am topping them with is usually enough to heat them through. I've found that cooking them makes them break down and they lose their al dente mouth feel. This recipe is super easy and all it calls for for seasoning is 2 TBS of Mason Made Asian Fusion Goodness marinade. It's so good!

I'm not a big gadget person, in fact, if I can do it with my knife I'd rather not have gadgets taking up space. This on is different and since it has me eating way more veggies, it's a good one!

If you are interested in a spiralizer, Mason will have them for sale through the summer and the proceeds from all sales will go toward his 8th grade field trip to Washington DC. He has to raise in the ballpark of $3,000 so it's not too early to start saving. They are $45 each and a little more if you need me to ship it to you. He and I have created several recipes and I'm sure we'll have more as he does more demos through the year.

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