Monday, April 4, 2016

Just So Sad...

Our community is in shock and mourning as three families are dealing with a tragedy so epic, I can't even fathom it. Two freshmen were hit and killed by a drunk driver while walking home. The third young man who was with them survived, but what he now must live with - seeing tow of his friends die. For all three families, they will wake up tomorrow and beg whoever it is they pray to, to please let this be a nightmare, something that is not real and didn't really happen. I can't stop crying...I can't even comprehend this loss. Please, please make it not real. I don't know the boys or their families, but I know the love we feel for our kids. 
Before I learned the news, I was just nagging Mason to not get so close to the edge of the rocks where we had our dinner picnic at the river. The water is high, it's moving so fast and is ice cold. He told me not to worry and I firmly said, "It's my job to worry and I will always worry about you. If your dad and I lost you, I don't think we would want to keep living." He said, "Really?" Yes! Really! We hugged and he respected my wishes to stay back from the edge. 
It's so cliche' to say, "Hug your kids. Tell those you love that you love them as you just don't know when you won't have the chance." How does one recover and move forward after losing their child? I just can't reconcile it... I had so much more to share with all of you but after the events last night, i just can't bring myself to write about trivial (or what feels like trivial through my tears today) happenings in our life. We all need, really need to embrace each other, hug and hold each other a little longer, don't pat-pat when you hug, hold each other - really hold each other and feel your hearts beat. Tell your kids you are proud of them, make sure they know. Make sure they know. 

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