Monday, July 11, 2016

Does Size Matter With Success? YES!

This week was unusually slow and quiet. Mason is still not walking so we are not doing our usual trips to the river or pool, he's not riding his bike or doing much with his friends. One of his friends came and slept over and it was nice to see him having some fun.

Dave is enjoying his baby and he is fitting right in with our family. I don't think I have ever seen such a foodie dog as Gunner! He is potty training beautifully and even helping to get the old man, Spencer to go potty where we want him to go instead of on the patio.

I've been busy this year working with clients to be ready to buy and sell. Finally, we have reached the point that my buyers are qualified and we opened escrow on Wednesday. My sellers are getting close, too, they are finalizing repairs and the new carpet goes in on 8/9 and then we can list! I also have another family who got the promotion they were waiting for so they are meeting with their loan officer again to get their pre qualification so we can start shopping. My last two quarters of this year should be off the hook.

I came across this quote from 2010, it's something I said during a challenging time. I'm sharing it because I love that my girl friend Juli shared an equally important perspective and not only do I want it in my life journal forever, I'm thinking you will all agree that she is spot on!

"I don't think the important parts of life happen when you succeed. I believe they come when you falter, or fall off the wagon and manage to get back up and stay the course. Getting back on track and seeing something through is far more rewarding than doing something that was too easy to begin with."

Here's how the comments went:

Juli  But it's so much more fun when success comes easily! 🙂
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Renee That seems to only happen for a select few.
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Kathy Partak I agree, but I don't think I remember easy successes the same way I do the ones that challenge me.
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Juli We all have success each day -- some large and some small. I think it's important to recognize them, even when they're small, and acknowledge a job well done. For example, last night I was exhausted and decided to clean up the kitchen instead of continuing on a physically demanding project. I got the kitchen cleaned and floor swept. It was a small success but it was good to recognize that I did it instead of just going to bed. I realize you're probably talking more about big successes like job promotions, successful relationships, reaching goals, etc. but don't forget about the little ones that take place every day. It's good to recognize things that may net seem like a "success" and pat yourself on the back. We all have those. Renee, you did a couple of amazing things like week by making a critical meeting happen AND helping your sister. Most people would have just blown off one of them but you successfully did both and did them well. Kathy, oh my goodness, I see little success happen DAILY with you. Just because they seem to be easy, you should still take the time to recognize them. I know they aren't as memorable as the ones that are hard, but they're still wonderful and amazing. And they add up!
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Kathy Partak Juli  You're the best! I love you and I agree with you 100%!!!!
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Juli Thanks Kathy. Now I have to get back on the physically demanding large project. When I complete that, I will consider it a huge and memorable success!

Don't you agree, the little successes, though may not be as memorable, are as or more important to acknowledge than the big ones that require lots of energy and work? I do and I love that many of my friends are like minded and remind me to tune in and be present. In fact, if you know me, you know I love ordinary, I love the moments we laugh cooking in the kitchen, the time Dave snaps a photo of me sleeping on the couch with Spencer, or when we all eat something different because nobody wants to cook and we settle in to watch tv together.

Happy Monday! It's 7/11 and that means free Slurpees at 7-11. I am going to take Mason with me to run some errands, grab some lunch out and get a free Slurpee. Make today great and pay attention to the small successes, revel in them and treat yourself to a Slurpee.

**Renee has a website with all the happenings in Auburn, check it out at and Juli is an amazing designer of all things - logos, ads, art, you name it, she can create it. Check out her portfolio here.

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