Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Dave!

Meet Gunner!
Last week I noted that there was so much to share I felt like I needed to do installments, so I'm going to pick up this week from last week.

We arrived home from Las Vegas on Saturday and on Sunday it was Dave's birthday. That is reason enough to celebrate but wait, there's more! Sunday was also the day we went to pick up the newest member of our Family, meet Gunner. This is Dave's dream come true and how awesome is it that we get to bring him home on Dave's birthday. It's just the best!

I spent this last week following up on my leads from the licensing show and one cool opportunity is live and happening right now, my RiverLights artwork is up and for sale on I'm tickled to have my work up and available for sale on all kinds of things, fine art, canvases, metal, phone cases, tote bags, beach towels, and more! Here's the link to my page, take a look and think ahead to Christmas!

Kathy Partak on

I have more images that will be uploaded as I have time, but there are some beautiful images there now, go check them out and please, share them with your family, friends, and on social media.

It turns out Mason's foot is broken, well, fractured and he is not very happy about it. Well, you already all know where I stand on this, he created this and it's a lesson that keeps sending ripples out in directions he could not have imagined it could reach. One really bad decision that just keeps coming back like a chili cheese dog at 2 AM.

That's the big news for now. Gunner has been a total sweetheart and is doing a great job learning to use the dog door and do his business outside. He sleeps in his crate and is pretty much sleeping through the night. All is well at the Partak homestead.

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