Monday, July 25, 2016

More Busy...

It's Monday again and though August is not even here yet, I can feel fall coming. Dave and I drove some country roads yesterday morning and some of our trees are starting to change colors and it just smelled like summer is winding down.  I don't think Mother Nature is in any hurry and it fact, I think it's just that I love fall so much, I start to look for the signs when it's the next season on deck. Yes, we see what we want to see, as we still have lots of summer left. This week it is forecast that we will see 103-106 through Friday and then we will get a break with 98 on Saturday. I was just reminding Dave that it's not on common for us to make a trip to the river to swim the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Yeah, we have plenty of fun in the sun left to enjoy here in Northern California.

Last week was jam packed with cooking demos, state fair fun, and friends. Mason cooked on Tuesday and Saturday and both demos were well done. The state fair is fun because there are always good audiences with lots of people. On Tuesday we got there early and spent the day with my friend from social media, Carolyn and her daughter Nicole. We had so much fun meeting in person and spending the day together. I've heard people say that Facebook is a time suck, and twitter is a waste of time, but the fact is, I've made real, life long friends via social media. Certainly, one could squander hours away just chiming in on posts, but I've not only made meaningful connections, I've followed them up with real-life meetings. Julianne in Minnesota, Carolyn in Canada, and Rhonda in Texas to name just a few. Social media does more good than bad in my opinion, but it does require intent and discipline. 

This week is busy, too. Mason has a two day acting workshop in Sacramento and a speaking engagement with Kiwanis in Folsom. Thank goodness he is finally walking. He's still in the boot, but he can walk short distances and we have the knee-scooter for when we have to go a little further. We see the ortho on the 11th and hopefully the X-ray will show that he's healed enough to walk without the boot. As it is, school starts on the 10th and he'll have to wear it on the first day of school.

Real estate is busy, busy, busy! I have one family in escrow who have finished their inspections and we are expecting the appraisal back today. Providing that is where it needs to be, we will remove contingencies and work toward closing in the next 10 days. I have a great property coming on the market on the 10th of August, and I’m hoping that I get an offer accepted today for another couple I am working with to become first time homeowners. I only have one other family to work with to buy in September so I think I need some more clients! Who do you know? :)

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