Monday, July 19, 2004

We're Home!

Big Sigh! We are home.

Hi guys, what a great time away from home we had! I have to say, if Dave were home, I would likely not have considered house-sitting and visiting away from him for that long. So with that said, I had a FABULOUS time! It is one of those little bones that get thrown your way when you are in the game with a crappy hand. Let me see if I can't recap without writing a novel......

Monday I discovered the gym with child care. What a great invention! I am now shopping for a gym with this wonderful service close to home. I was pleased to learn that I am not in as bad a shape as I thought and I ran for 12 full minutes on the treadmill. The other amenities were nice as well, the steam and saunas, the whirlpool and the sun deck all in the ladies locker room with no clothes required! When was the last time you did a little time with Mr. Sunshine in the buff? Smile! We also had lunch with Al and a visit with Moira. Monday wrapped up with a much needed massage! Fran gave me the lovely gift of a massage and child care for Mason. How cool, we are invited to stay in their awesome home AND she got me a massage! Thank you God!

Tuesday was another date with the gym and then assisting Al with a photo shoot for Diana! What fun. After all that glitz and glamor, Mason and I had a great evening with Alice. Funny how you can have friends that you don't even talk to all that often but when you get together, it is like no time passed at all. I just adore Alice and Andrew!

Wednesday was back to the gym, running errands, lunch with Carole, a visit with Dr. Joyce, a great evening at the Chamber mixer and finally with Mason fast asleep, a glass of wine with Terry! We had some serious catching up to do too!

Thursday was our day with Aunt Lisa! Lunch, a little shopping and a pedicure. It was so great to be doing the things I love to do in the town I still think of as home with the people I love. Auburn will feel a lot more like home once Dave is here with us making the memories that make home, home. I did go to the gym, but sporting a fresh pedicure, it seemed only appropriate that I sauna and have that naked date with Mr. Sunshine. We went to bed early so we would be fresh faced for our date with Al Friday morning.

We met Al at 9 AM to take pictures of Mason on the beach. I wish I had another set of hands to have shot video of Mason in the sand. He loved it. He just sat there for the longest time rubbing his feet back and forth in the wet sand. He of course tasted it and then proceeded to simply play. It was wonderful and as usual, Al captured the moment exquisitely! Al, you're the best! Take a look at just a few of the great pictures he took. We took a little siesta and then met Georgia and Fiona for lunch and then to play at the park. This is the first time Mason was on a swing by himself. He really liked that! Those pictures next week.

And finally on Saturday, we went back to San Jose and had a great time with Dave's' mom, sister and her family. We enjoyed a nice lunch and then walked all through Santana Row, sort of the Rodeo Drive of San Jose. Not much there for me (too much $$$$$) except Ben and Jerry's!

And this morning we stopped in to see Alice and Andrew on our way home. They actually have a vineyard in their back yard and will be making wine! Not to mention the basketball court and outdoor kitchen under construction. Cool huh?

Enough already, we are happy to be home. For a motivator, remember what Zig Ziglar says: "You can have anything you want if you just help enough other people get what they want." I say "YESH!"

Love you all!


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