Monday, July 5, 2004

Happy 5th Od July!

Hello, hello, hello!

Welcome to a new and short week. Our July 4th holiday had an outward appearance of being picture perfect. Mary and Keith's house was decorated beautifully, friends and family gathered around the pool in the backyard with Keith at the BBQ helm and all the kids (big and small) splashing in the pool. Mason was passed around so much that not even the fire crackers outside could wake him after dark. Riley was a little scared but sitting by Keith's feet, he felt safe as each new BANG! and BOOM! exploded, Keith would reach down and pat his head. I am sure since I was in bed, Riley was very grateful for the reassurance. We (I) missed Dave deeply and it made me even sadder that he is in such a "not nice" place. He called today and said they did do a BBQ for them but it is so dang hot, who wants to sit outside and eat hot food? Not to mention that it was not a real BBQ, just hot dogs and hamburgers cooked and served outside. I'm just so darn ready for him to be home enjoying all the luxuries he is protecting for all of us.

Mary and I watched Cold Mountain and 50 First Dates this weekend. Both good movies but Cold Mountain was really good! Renee Zellweger was amazing! If you have not seen it, rent it and sit back for some good story telling. I did not cry but I think that is because Dave spent so much time telling me I would that I was waiting for all the stuff that might make me cry thus taking the sting from it all.

OK, my boy is crying so I am back to mommy duty. No real motivator today so lets go with what always works: "Whatever you think, you're right!"

Love you all!

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