Monday, July 16, 2007

MM 7/16/2007

Happy Monday!

How the heck is everybody? I am great! There are so many little things around me to be grateful for, that they all add up to me being as happy as I have ever been!

On Friday I made a Tinker Bell birthday cake and cupcakes for our friends daughter, Taylor. The party on Saturday was great fun. They set up four different water toys and a bounce house. It was a mini water park! We had pizza and Taylor got a motorized Jeep. She was very generous and let anyone who wanted to, drive. Mason had a blast! Dave was at a game tournament all day on Saturday and guess what? He won! He won by the highest point spread in the history of this store. Congratulations honey!

On Sunday we went to Clayton and met Mary at the barn. We had a great day with Mason and the horses. All three of us took full advantage of the opportunity to groom, ride and bathe Mary's horse, Chance. Dave and I are a little saddle sore this morning (come on, it has been 10 years for Dave, and with the exception of a few rides here and there for me, just as long!) but as sure as we have ever been, that we want small town, ranch life for Mason.
After the barn, we met back at Keith and Mary's for an early dinner, and some nice conversation around the pool in the backyard. We just don't get to spend enough time with our close friends. Thanks for such a fun day you guys!

Today, it is back to work and all the stuff that needs our attention. We finally got the Durango back from the shop, but I have to take it back today for an unusual noise. Hopefully, it is a simple thing because I can't be without my car for another week! Have a great week and remember, (here's the motivator) "Look at all the little things that make you happy and you will be amazed at how few there are that make you mad!"

Lots of love,

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