Monday, July 2, 2007

MM 7/2/2007

Happy July!

I love the month of July. July seems to me, to be the epitome of summer time. Flags flying, watermelon, barbecue, and all the opportunities to gather outside and drink lemonade. This year is one of those good years where July 4th falls on a Wednesday. Why is that good you ask? I think it is good because you can make the weekend before, and the weekend after a holiday weekend! It is all in how you look at it. Smiling.

Today is also a little sad. Dave's dad left at six this morning to return home to Florida. We had a wonderful visit and the best part was watching Mason build a relationship with his only grandpa. It saddens me deeply that Mason does not have a daily relationship with all of his grandparents. I know it is all about our choices, and we make the best of it, but these past few weeks made my heart big, and warm. I am thankful for the time we did have together.

Last week, in all the hoopla of returning home from Poobah, I was remiss in not sending out a big whoop and holler for Dave's birthday! My handsome hubby turned 39! Yes he did! Laughing. Okay, it was 45, but I have told him again and again that I love him more everyday, and he gets better looking every year, too. Happy Birthday honey. You are the light in my life, and I am eternally grateful for you and all that we share. My motivator today is a song dedication. "How I Feel," by Martina McBride. I love this song and it expresses how I feel beautifully.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe July 4th. Celebrate with people you really enjoy being with. Remember everyday, but especially on Independence day, our brave men and women who serve this country, past and present.

With much love,


How I Feel

Confetti falling from the sky
My hometown on the 4th of July
A midnight snow on Christmas Eve
Like standing up for what you believe
That's how I feel when I'm with you
That's how I feel when I'm with you
That's how I feel, That's how I feel when I'm with you

Your lucky coat, the first day of fall
When you wake up laughing just because
An old church door that stays wide open
A perfect heart that's never been broken

That's how I feel when I'm with you, That's how I feel when I'm with you
That's how I feel, That's how I feel when I'm with you

That's how I feel when I'm with you
Every day there's something new
To cry about, to laugh about
Those moments I can't live without
That's how I feel, That's how I feel
When I'm with you

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