Monday, February 2, 2009

What A Trip!

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We went to Las Vegas and had more success than we could have ever imagined! Here is the picture of the ZipperBack Glove team to get this ball rolling. Alice, Mike, Mason, me, and Dave.

Our meeting with Saranac provided answers to our many questions and in a nutshell here is what we know. They love our product. They feel confident it will sell and believe in our ability to sell it. We made contacts with numerous buyers from all over the united states and the feedback was all amazing. Even a few who said they had no interest in a children's product, got excited when they saw the gloves. The quote that summed it all up for me was when Saranac said, "You have an amazing product. It's smart, innovative, and much needed. You have virtually no competition. There isn't a single reason why you shouldn't succeed."

Our fourth prototype is great. We will tweak it with finishing touches and be ready to go into production. We have orders with several retailers and will have inventory for sale via our website as early as September of this year! Pretty exciting, huh? Oh, and one of those orders is with Scheels in Sparks, NV. If you recall, Scheels was on my list of big retail stores I wanted to connect with from last Monday's motivator.

On another fun note, this is the tenth year I've been writing the Monday Motivator. Can you believe it's been that long? I'm sorry to say I don't have the original entries. I know I started writing the MM when Mike and I got our office space for Missing Link and that was March or April 1999. The early entries just might be on a backup disk somewhere, but I think they went away with my Missing Link e-mail and computer from the office. It's a happy anniversary nonetheless!

I hope you are feeling inspired and taking action on some of your great ideas and grand plans. It's amazing what you can do if you just do a little something everyday. Get to it, start!

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