Monday, May 16, 2011

To Send or Not To Send. . .

Welcome to Monday!

Our weekend was a great mix of work and play. This week is the last week of this semester for me so I am studying for finals and gearing up multiple projects for the few weeks I have off before summer school starts. Dave is back to work today and still on crutches. He is waiting to get the approval for physical therapy to begin and it can't come too soon. He is much better but still not walking and in some pain. I'm predicting that his recovery will be long.

I took the final for my history class and I got an A. With that grade I have secured and A in the class overall. I'm not sure if I did the same quality of work in my other two classes, but I'll let you know.

This entry is late not because I didn't sit still to write it, it's late because I was contemplating whether or not to share with you a moment of spiritual and personal growth that initially made up the whole piece. I wrote the story and then thought twice. Yes I did! Many of you are now shedding a tear with pride in my ability to think twice before pressing send. I'm growing and realizing that just because I've had an epiphany in my life, it doesn't mean it will resonate with you. Furthermore, it may be hurtful to some of you in my life even though that's not the intention. Life just works that way sometimes, for one of us to learn a lesson another of us has to say or do something (come on Kathy, pick the right word here). . . less than flattering (or stupid). In the end, hopefully all involved are the better for it. I believe we are. Maybe at some point I will share the story, for now it's just simmering with me as I work on implementing the changes I want to make with me.

Happy late Monday and welcome to a new week! Smiles, Kathy


Big Mike said...

I know I will be waiting to hear about this.

Lisa said...

It's all about growth. May the simmering be good and you can share soon. love to hear about your growth as it always helps me. I love you.