Monday, September 5, 2011

A Long Lazy Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend! As tradition has it, Dave is usually at his Pacificon game convention while I am home with Mason. This year we broke the mold and Mason and I went with Dave. The convention provided us with a gorgeous suite that we used to visit, relax and just have a really great time. Mason and I spent some time at the pool, but he spent most of his time learning the games Dave loves to play and even finding a few of his own interests. I did homework and met Lisa A. in San Mateo for lunch and some window shopping. Other than missing my mornings at the river, we had a really nice, low key weekend.

On the contest front, I am currently in two that I have a really great chance of winning. If you are on Facebook and wouldn't mind "checking a box," (one just says vote and the other is clicking on thumbs up), I would sure appreciate your votes. There is no registration for either contest, all you need to do is click the box - once each day. Thank you for helping. Here are the links to the facebook pages or you can find the links to Mason's video's from my wall.

Video is titled "Rafting Fun."

Video is called "Cartwheeling for a Klondike"

Again, SUPER easy!

I will post pictures of the convention on my blog for anyone who wants to see just what it is Dave does with these little figures Dave paints and plays games with. I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day and are headed into a productive new week!

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