Monday, September 8, 2014

1st Place! 2nd Place! 3rd Place! A Partak Sweep.

Happy Gorgeous Monday!

It's not officially fall yet, but it's really starting to feel like it. The mornings are cool and the nights are smelling more and more like it's time summer is fading and fall is knocking on our doors, I'm even starting to see little bits of red and orange popping in our trees. I love this time of year! 

The latest and greatest in the Partak household is that we all won a ribbon in the cupcake contest at the Gold Country Fair this weekend. Dave and I won 1st and 3rd in the adult competition and Mason won 2nd in the youth division. This is a small fair so we are not putting too much stock in these wins, but for us, it's always about fun and with our entries we get in free to the fair. This contest also gets us in recipe competition mode as the Mandarin Festival is fast approaching and we all have titles to defend, most noteworthy is Dave who won the grand prize last year. I have my idea now I just have to start working on it and as it goes, I was lying in bed last night and came up with another concept, not sure if it will work, but it will be fun to try and experiment with. Oh, and we also went to a concert on Saturday night, Steve Holy is a country artist from "back in the day." Laughing! Okay, it wasn't that long ago, but it feels like lifetimes that Dave and I were out country dancing and going to concerts. I thought it was especially fun to be at the concert with Mason. I reminded Dave that we had many a talk about wanting to be married and have a family, the only difference was we weren't referencing each other as our prospective spouses - too funny! It's all good, no, better than good, my life is extraordinary.

In other news, Mason has a meeting today with one of our county supervisors about a donation to his school kitchen project, he is hoping to get a donation from the revenue sharing program. This is a program that allots $20,000 to each of our supervisors to dole out back into the community as they see fit, I'll be sure to update you when we know if a donation is coming Mason's way. With just $6,000 more dollars to raise to reach $25,000, my favorite part of this whole process has been seeing Mason step up to the plate and ask for help for something he sees will improve the condition of his school and the lives of his peers. He has had the opportunity to speak in front of groups of 50 and today, a meeting with a county official. This kind of community involvement and fundraising experience is priceless. Keep in mind, he is only 10 years old (almost 11 now) and there have been many lessons in sacrifice and having to do the work one doesn't like to do to be able to do the stuff one really wants and loves to do. Learning that lesson is never easy, heck, many of us are still working on it in our 30s, 40s, 50s and then some!

Have an awesome week and get the work done that needs doing so you can go have some fun!

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