Monday, April 8, 2019

This Kid Makes Me So Proud!

Coach Brett Belenger and Mason getting his letter
Mason is a kid who absolutely understands the power of intention. I've raised him to know, without doubt that if he can see it, he can be it. Those of you who have been on this journey with us and have watched Mason grow up knows what I'm talking about. Mason joined the snowboard team as a Freshman and though he had snowboarded before, he had not been on a snowboard in several year, additionally, he has never raced. He had to raise a significant amount of money to participate and he not only did that, he helped create a fundraiser so in the coming years other kids can be on the team, too. As his season was progressing he was improving but not really in the running to go to State Championships, but he didn't let up that he intended to go. He kept working, on the snow and off. He started working out with an app on his phone at home and he did extra runs at team practices when most of his teammates were just enjoying the slopes. As life often does, it presented him an opportunity when two of the teams strongest racers gave him an in. One of them was injured and out for the season and the other had a couple of "off" runs. His preparation met opportunity and he qualified to go to "States." As a novice racer and Freshman, he did not place very high in the rankings, but he got a year of competition racing under his belt and he is pumped up for next year. If you ask Mason about this and how he did it, he will tell you he set his Intention and he may even note, Chinnatah, a Native American word their warriors used for "Always Ready." I'm proud of you Mason, I love that you know you can set any goal and achieve it. I hope you know that the stars are too low, you can reach far beyond them if only you set your intentions and take the appropriate actions.

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