Monday, September 29, 2008


Hi Guys,

I went to see the doc last Wednesday as a post-op appointment for my hand and the news was not good. The pins in my finger didn't hold and everything had slipped down and out. It was a mess and I had to go back into surgery Thursday to have it all redone. Maybe that's why it had been so painful. Heather, this likely means the cake for your shower will be store bought and not baked and decorated by me like I'd planned...sorry.

Last time my doctor came in before surgery and asked me if I would like to join him in prayer before he started. I politely declined. In light of the way it turned out, I told him I wanted to join him this second time around. Dr. Christensen laughed and told me God didn't work that way. He then took my hand in his and began to pray, "Dear lord, please keep Patricia safe through this surgical procedure, see that she is held in your love and your light, and see that she finds her way to a speedy recovery. Amen." As he started to let go of my hand I held on and continued, "All that for Kathleen, too." Dr. Christensen held both of my hands and laughing, a little embarrassed said, "Yes! Yes, I meant Kathleen, Patricia was my patient before you."

As it turned out, my finger was more severely broken and had to be reconstructed. So here I am tap, tap, tapping with just one hand and trying to keep the nausea at bay, but feeling a bit better each day. Before I go, let me sing Dave's praises yet again. Dave's been the best through all this; handicapped wife, four, almost five year-old over-the-top-non-stop son, and all the household stuff I usually do. I'm so lucky to have a husband and friend who's genuinely hurting for me, and not making me feel bad for needing so much help. He did buy a good bottle of whiskey, though!

Okay, this is all I can do. Happy Monday and I'll see you next week!


Alice said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery and healing. Take care of you.

Kara Plank said...

Awww.sorry to hear about all the discomfort. It is really nice that Dave is helping out so much. Andy once told me his theory on the housework is: that if everything gets a mess, it doesn't mean he will help clean it up, but he does promise not to complain about it...yay (groan)